60T Conventional welding rotator

Short Description:

Load capacity – Set:     60 tons maximum

Load capacity – Drive:  30 tons maximum

Load capacity – Idler:   30 tons maximum

Rotation capacity:       60 tons maximum

Vessels diameter:        Min.500mm ~ Max.4800mm

Rotation speed:           100~1000mm/min VFD

Rotation power:           2*2.2kw with fan cooling

Roller wheels:              PU (Polyurethane wheels)

Control system:           Remote hand control & Foot pedal

Voltage:                      110V ~ 575V all available.

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    The  Conventional welding Pipe Rtators has two types,bolt adjustment and lead screw adjustment.the bolt adjustable Roller center distance could be manually adjusted by reserved screw bolt, so as to suitable for various work piece diameter.Conventional  rotators also can be supplied with a capacity from 5.000 kg up to 1000 tonnes.It can joint control with other equipments such as welding manipulator,welding machine, gantry type welding machine and so on.

    Here Below is 60T Bolt Adjustable Tank Turning Rolls specification:

    Model CR-60
    Load capacity – Drive 30 tons maximum
    Load capacity – Idler 30tons maximum
    Load capacity – Set 60 tons maximum
    Rotation capacity 60 tons maximum
    Vessels diameter Min. 500mm ~ Max.5000mm
    Rotation speed 100~1000 mm/min VFD
    Rotation power 2*2.2kw with fan cooling
    Roller wheels PU (Polyurethane wheels)
    Control way Remote hand control + Foot pedal
    Input Voltage 110V ~ 575V Single/3 Phase 50/60Hz
    Certificate CE approval

     Bolt Adjustable Welding Turning Roll /Pipe welding Rotators Description:

    1. Our welding rollers pack One drive piece roller & one idler piece roller  together as one set for sale.

    2.Remote hand control, Radio hand control & Foot pedal control are all avaialble for this type Conventional Turning Roll

    3.Top-class electronic components from Schneider to ensure long time using life.

    4.Our tank tuning rolls’ drive rotation speed  is in digital readout.

    5.100% new from original manufacturer – WUXI SUCCESS MACHINERY EQUIPMENT CO., LTD.

    6. If your single pipe/tank length is more than 8 meters, we suggest you choose one drive and two idler rollers to support work together.

    Spare parts brand on our welding machine:

    1. All our welding machine inverter is from Danfoss.

    2. All our welding pipe rollers motor is from Invertek.

    3. All our tank welding rolls electronic components is from Schneider.

    Welding rotator spare parts

     4.CE certificates to European market and CO certificates with welding rotators to Middle East market.

    Welding rotator is widely used in many areas:

    1. Welding rotators are widely use to support the tank for rotation and make the seam welding conveniently.

    2. We also have the movable model welding rollers for several single pipe butt welding together.

    3. Hydraulic fit up welding rollers ,anti creep rotator and sand blasting rollers are all available.

    4. Welding column boom used togeher with welding rotator for large diameter tank seam welding.

    5. Wind towers line,offshore pipe wleding,heat exchanger tank and pressure vessels etc. Market.

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    pipe welding rollers,pipe turning rolls,tank welding rotator,tank turning rolls,tank welding rollers,oil tank welding totator, pressure vessels welding ,self aligning welding rotator,fit up welding rollers,tank welding turning rolls,welding rotator for winder tower,tube turning rolls, wheel frame, roller frame for wind tower welding, conventional pipe welding roller stand, sand blasting rotator, painting rotator,welding positioner,welding positioner table,welding positioner chuck,pipe welding positioners,welding rotator with positioner,column and boom manipulator,small  welding manipulator for pipe,Wind Tower Welding Manipulator.


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  • All Adjustable Pipe Welding Rotator Control System:

    1. All Our Conventional  welding Turning Rollers are with standard remote hand control box and foot pedal control.

    2. Wireless / radio hand control are available for conventional welding toataor,but normally for heavy duty and long pipe / tanks.

    welding rotator Control


    1. If order one / two sets pipe rollers,then we will pack  in wooden case for LCL shipping ,as well with installation details.

    2. If the welding turning  rollers order quantity enough for one whole containers,we will pack into containers directly.


    1. Our company(Wuxi Success Machinery & Equipment CO.,LTD) have exported welding rotators to more than 30 countries in the world. European & America stocks is available.

    2. Here below some pipe welding turning rotator working pictures are all from our clients feedback from their work site.

    Australia 30T Lead Screw Conventional Pipe Welding Turning Rolls.

    conventional welding rotator

    ITALY 40T  and 60T  Bolt Adjustment Tube Welding Rotators with PU wheels.

    conventional rollers


    100t welding rotator

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