10×10 Meters Welding manipulator

Short Description:

Boom end max. load:                  250 kg maximum

Vertical boom travel:                   10000 mm maximum

Vertical boom travel speed:        1000 mm/min

Vertical travel motor:                   1.5 kw with brake

Horizontal boom travel:               10000mm

Horizontal boom travel speed:    120~1200mm/min

Horizontal travel motor:               0.75 kw 

Rotation angle:                            ±180°

Rotation way:                               Motorized

Traveling speed:                          Motorized

Traveling way:                              Motorized

Input Voltage:                               110V ~ 575V 3 Phase 50/60Hz

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    Welding Column&Boom Manipulators from Wuxi Success stands out not only for innovation in design and quality of manufacture, but also for reliability and robustness. It can realize automatic welding incorporate with SAW, MAG and TIG welding systems, and extensively applied in pressure vessel, oil tank, power, chemical industry, wind tower, piping system and others lines.

    Here Below is 10X10 Meters Heavy Duty Welding Manipulator Specification:

    Model LHC-10X10
    Boom end max. load 250 kg
    Vertical boom travel 10000 mm
    Vertical boom travel speed 1000mm/min
    Vertical travel motor 1.5 kw with brake
    Horizontal boom travel 10000mm
    Horizontal boom travel speed 120~1200mm/min
    Horizontal travel motor 0.75 kw
    Rotation angle ±180°
    Rotation way Motorized
    Traveling speed Motorized
    Traveling way Motorized
    Control way Remote hand control
    Input Voltage 110V ~ 575V Single/3 Phase 50/60Hz
    Certificate CE approval

    Heavy Duty Welding Manipulator  Description:

    1. Column and boom manipulater is used for inside, outside,longitudinal & circumferential welding .

    2. Column and boom welding manipulators are a versatile and rugged solution to obtain up to 10,000 mm of lift and reach to duplicate the function of a highly skilled welder.

    3.  Motorized cross slides is to adjust the welding gun position.

    4. Using together with pipe turning rolls.

    5. ±180°degree column rotation with manual locking at any position.Precise Reach and Lift ranges from 1,000mm to 10,000mm.

    6. Top-class electronic components from Schneider.

    7. 100% new from original manufacturer-Wuxi Success Machinery Equipment CO.,LTD

    Wind Tower Welding  Manipulator Advantages From Wuxi Success:

    1.  Our column boom manipulator welder inverter is brand Danfoss.

    2.  Our Cylinder Welding Manipulator motor is brand Invertek.

    3.  Our welding column and boom electronic components is brand Schneider.

    4.  ISO 9000 & CE certification supported.

    Welding rotator spare parts

    5. We also supply the tank turning rotators and welding positioner, which can joint welding manipulator.

    Why Choose Wuxi Success Machinery Equipment CO.,LTD:

    1. We promise honest and fair, it’s our pleasure to serve you as your purchasing consultant.

    2. We guarantee punctuality, quality and quantities strictly implement the terms of contract.

    3. Professional and experienced engineer team to ensure the advanced design of structure and electric

    4. High tensile roller chain used for vertical travel with the addition of a counter balance system with the column that provides smooth, effortless travel.

    5. Commissioning and testing before delivery.

    More Questions Customer May Concerned On Our Welding Manipulator Column And Boom:

    Q: What about the transportion?

    A: Usually we take seaway ,cause its more convenient and cheaper for big machine,of course ,
    if it is allowed ,we also can take train ,its according to real condition.
    Q: What about the after-sale service?

    A: We provide 12 months quality warranty after dispatch, and some easy abrasion spares of equipment
    for free. We also provide a long term free technical advisory services and technical  consults service.
    We can also provide installation and training for value.


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  • Our Welding Manipulators Control System:

    1. All Our column Manipulators are with standard remote hand control box and foot pedal control.

    2. Wireless / radio hand control are available for automatic welding column boom manipulator,but normally for heavy duty and long pipe / tanks.

    Welding column boom manipulators control


    1.Normally all the equipments will disassemble and packaged in Container.We will supply you all the detail installation drawings for your reference.


    1. Our company(Wuxi Success Machinery & Equipment CO.,LTD)have exported welding machine to more than 30 countries in the world. European & America stocks is available.

    2. Here below some automatic column boom with pipe turning rolls working pictures are all from our clients feedback from their work site.

    Australia 5 by 4 Meters Welding Column Boom Manipulator For Tank Welding.

    welding manipulators

    Holland 6 by 6 Meters Welding Manipulator For Heavy Pipe Working.

    welding manipulator

    Turkey 4 by 4 Meters Column And Boom Welding Manipulator Working With Self-Aligning Welding Rotator.

    column boom welding machine

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