5T Conventional Welding Rotator

Short Description:

Load capacity – Set:     5 tons maximum

Load capacity – Drive:  2.5 tons maximum

Load capacity – Idler:   2.5 tons maximum

Rotation capacity:        5 tons maximum

Vessels diameter:        Min.250mm ~ Max.2800mm

Rotation speed:           100~1000mm/min VFD

Rotation power:           2*0.37 kw with fan cooling

Roller wheels:              PU (Polyurethane wheels)

Control system:           Remote hand control & Foot pedal

Voltage:                      110V ~ 575V all available.

  • Certification: CE
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    Wuxi Success designed and manufactured the welding rotator series product according to the operation requirements of several pressure vessel factories.The series conventional pipe welding rollers stand is able to adopt to various diameter of job, by adjust the center distance of rollers, via reserved screw holes or lead screw. It is produced according with mechanical standard JB/T 9187-1999.

    Here Below is 5T Conventional Welding Rotator used for light pipe vessels Specification:

    Model CR-5
    Load capacity – Drive 2.5 tons maximum
    Load capacity – Idler 2.5 tons maximum
    Load capacity – Set 5 tons maximum
    Rotation capacity 5 tons maximum
    Vessels diameter Min. 250mm ~ Max.2800mm
    Rotation speed 100~1000 mm/min VFD
    Rotation power 2*0.37kw with fan cooling
    Roller wheels PU (Polyurethane wheels)
    Control way Remote hand control + Foot pedal
    Input Voltage 110V ~ 575V Single/3 Phase 50/60Hz
    Certificate CE approval

    Bolt  Adjustment Small Type Pipe Turning Rolls Description:

    1. This type welding rollers always packaged One drive & one idler  together in one wooden case as one set selling.

    2. The Remote hand control, Radio hand control & Foot pedal control are all avaialble.

    3. The series conventional pipe tuning welding rotators stand is able to adopt to various diameter of job, by adjust the center distance of rollers, via reserved screw holes.

    4. Power roller of the welding rotator is driven by double motor. Reducer adopts cycloidal planetary gear reducer or worm reduction gear mode.

    5. This type conventional welding turning rolls can joint control with other equipments such as welding manipulator,welding machine, welding positioner and so on.

    6. 100% new from original manufacturer – WUXI SUCCESS MACHINERY EQUIPMENT CO., LTD.

    All Welding Rotator Turning Rolls, Small and Large Rotator spare parts brand:

    1.Our welding roller Inverter is from Danfoss / Yaskawa

    2.Our welding rotator Motor is from Invertek

    3.Our Tank rolls Reducer is from China brand

    4.Our welding Electric system is from Schneider

     Welding rotator spare parts

    Tank Welding Rotator Pressure Vessels welding Rollers Oil Tank Turning Rolls Used For Seam Welding Paniting Feature:

    The conventional welding rotator is mainly used for the welding,polishing,painting and assembly of cylindrical roller shell. It also can assembling or using together with other tooling for the cone inequality diameter rotary.The Rotator base fabrication, or chassis, is designed and fabricated to carry the weight of the vessel / Job and incorporates a contingency for shock loading. It is important that the design eliminates any distortion which can lead to misalignment of the rollers.

    Our related welding machine product name used for pipe turning welding :

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  • Control system:

    1. Our conventional welding Tank Turning Rolls  are all with standard remote hand control box and foot pedal control.it is convenient and safe

    2. Wireless / radio hand control for pipe  welding turning rotators are available,but normally for heavy duty and long pipe / tanks.

    welding rotator Control


    1. If order one / two sets welding rotator,then we will pack  in wooden case with installation details for LCL shipping.

    2. If the pipe welding rollers order quantity enough for one whole containers,we will pack into containers directly.

    3.We provide 1year guaranty period for the whole machine quality.



    1. Our company(Wuxi Success Machinery & Equipment CO.,LTD) have exported our welding rotators to more than 30 countries all over the world. European & America stock is available.

    2. Here below with some Tank turning welding rolls working pictures are all from our clients feedback from their work site.

    Mexico 30T conventional lead screw pipe welding turning rollers

    conventional welding rotator

    ITALY 40T  and 100T  Bolt Adjustment TANK WELDING ROTATORS

    conventional rollers


    100t welding rotator

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