60T Fit up welding Rotator

Short Description:

Jack up capacity :       60 tons maximum

Load capacity piece:   30 tons maximum

Load capacity set:       60 tons maximum

Jack up way:               Hydraulic cylinder

Vessels diameter:       Min. 500mm ~ Max.5000mm

Roller wheels:             PU (Polyurethane wheels)

Control way :               Wireless & Remote hand control

Input Voltage:              110V ~ 575V Single/3 Phase 50/60Hz

Options:                       Traveling base frame

  • Certificates: CE
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    The hydraulic fit up welding rotator is used for long pipe or tank as wind tower, tank vessel, etc. Adjusting roller UP and DOWN through oil cylinder to gain an accurate alignment of two pipes, and then to weld. It works with conventional type turning roll to realize the section to section assembly by means of 1+1” mode or 1+n” mode (also called growing line). We also provide tailor-made welding rotator according to your special requirements.Fit up pipe welding rollers is widely used in Pressure vessel,Pipe manufacturing industries,Wind power fabrication,Chemical & fuel storage tank fabrication,Any heavy cylindrical job. Here below is 60T Hydraulic Jack Up Bolt Ajustment Welding Rotator Specification:

    Model FIT UP-60
    Jack up capacity 60 tons maximum
    Load capacity piece 30 tons maximum
    Load capacity set 60 tons maximum
    Jack up way Hydraulic cylinder
    Vessels diameter Min. 500mm ~ Max.5000mm
    Roller wheels PU (Polyurethane wheels)
    Control way Wireless & Remote hand control
    Input Voltage 110V ~ 575V Single/3 Phase 50/60Hz
    Options Traveling base frame
    Certificate CE approval

    Hydraulic Fit Up Tank Turning Rolls Welding Rotator Description :

    1. Fit up adjustment pipe turning rotator  do Fast alignment of weld joints via oil cylinder jack up system.

    2.Fit up pipe welding rotators is only idler turning roller,can work with self aligning and conventional rotator together.

    3. Fit up pipe welding rollers control by Wireless & remote control box .

    4. Horizontal adjust fit up welding rotators also available for butt welding.

    5. Traveling base frame is available for pipes butt welding.

    6. 100% new from original manufacturer-Wuxi Success Machinery Equipment CO.,LTD .

    We Suggest Use The Fit Up Pipe Welding Turning Rolls Together With Conventional Rotator:

    1. It will be convenient for two unit fit up rotators for pipe end assembly welding.

    2. Fit up welding roller works for up /down adjustment .Conventional rotator works for motorized turning.

    3. Fit up tank rolls is controlled by hydraulic cylinders,conventiona l rotator is controlled by motor.

    4. All pressure vessels welding rotators are controlled by wireless hand control box.

    Hydraulic Fit Up /Jack Up Rotators Advantages From Wuxi Success:

    1.Our Fit up pipe rollers Inverter is from Danfoss / Yaskawa.

    2.Our hydraulic welding machine Motor is from Invertek.

    3.Our fit up cylinder pipe welding rotator electric system is from Schneider. Welding rotator spare parts

    4. CE certificates to European market and CO certificates with welding rotators to Middle East market.

    Our More Suggestion On Pipe Welding Rotators Using:

    1. Movable rotators can auto move on the rails for the third single pipe butt welding.

    2. It will be controled by Hand Remote Control Box or Wireless Control Box.

    3. If your single pipe length more then 8 Meters , then we suggest use 1 powered with 2 idlers to support.

    4. All our pipe welding rotators have 20% over weight design, but we suggest used on the safety rangs.

    5. We have strong delivery team, including the Sea freight and Air transportation. Door to door available.

    6. Just advise me your desitination port then we will give you the final CIF price.

    More Questions Customers May Concerned On Hydraulic Fit Up Pipe Welding Rollers:

    Q : What about the transportion?

    A : 1. Fully packaged in wooden case as well with installation document.

    2. Door to door delivery service is also available.we also supply CIF price.

    Q : What is your warranty and after sale service ?

    A : 1. All our equipments with One Year Warranty time , fully debugging at our workshop before delivery.

    2. If you have any questions on the installation , you will get respond from our engineers within 24 hours.

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  • Control system:

    1. Our conventional welding Tank Turning Rolls  are all with standard remote hand control box and foot pedal control.it is convenient and safe

    2. Wireless / radio hand control for pipe  welding turning rotators are available,but normally for heavy duty and long pipe / tanks.

    welding rotator Control


    1. If order one / two sets welding rotator,then we will pack  in wooden case with installation details for LCL shipping.

    2. If the pipe welding rollers order quantity enough for one whole containers,we will pack into containers directly.

    3.We provide 1year guaranty period for the whole machine quality.


    1. Our company(Wuxi Success Machinery & Equipment CO.,LTD) have exported our welding rotators to more than 30 countries all over the world. European & America stock is available.

    2. Here below with some Tank turning welding rolls working pictures are all from our clients feedback from their work site.

    Mexico 30T conventional lead screw pipe welding turning rollers

    conventional welding rotator

    ITALY 40T  and 100T  Bolt Adjustment TANK WELDING ROTATORS

    conventional rollers


    100t welding rotator

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